COVID-19 Recovery Scenarios Project – Final Report

We have finalised our report on the COVID-19 Recovery Scenarios for Young People in Melbourne’s Inner North.

The Summary report presents a brief overview of each of the three scenarios that we produced in the project. In earlier posts we presented the full account of each of these:

Chaotic Futures: the Future We Want to Avoid

Unsustainable Futures: The Future We Are Likely to Get

Sustainable Futures: The Future We Hope For

The Summary report also includes a brief outline of a project proposal to develop a cohort of Youth Activists for Sustainable Futures, and a micro-credential in Leadership for Sustainable Futures.

We welcome any opportunities to discuss these projects and micro-cred proposals.

A copy of the full report can be found at this link


By Peter Kelly

I am a Professor of Education at Deakin University.

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