Three Scenarios for Young People’s COVID Futures

We have made a number of posts about our project developing recovery scenarios for young people in Melbourne’s inner north. We recently delivered a presentation to the Inner North Youth Employment Taskforce on the conduct of the project and three draft scenarios that we will continue to edit and finalise between now and March 2021.

At the end of this post is a link to a short video that provides a brief overview of that presentation which does the following:

  1. Presents a Case Study video of Rosie, 18 from the inner north of Melbourne
  2. Introduces the Three Scenarios for the Future in 2025
  3. Outlines Scenario Planning and the Project
  4. Describes how we gathered Young People’s Voices, and the Video-Ask platform
  5. Scenario One: Chaotic Futures: The Future We Want to Avoid
  6. Scenario Two: Unsustainable Futures: The Future We Are Likely to Get
  7. Scenario Three: Sustainable Futures: The Future We Hope For
  8. What next? How to work with scenarios
  9. Working with young people in this cohort (and others) over next 5 years

By Peter Kelly

I am a Professor of Education at Deakin University.

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